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  • EPE awards the Inaugural AUSCDT ONE Bomb Suit Challenge Trophy

    Inaugural AUSCDT One Trophy

      The inaugural AUSCDT ONE (Australian Clearance Diving Team One) Bomb Suit Challenge was contested on Friday with one contestant from each element running the 1 mile time trial. Results were announced on Monday with EPE presenting the trophy.  Shaun Graham (EPE) presented the inaugural Jas Dawson Bomb suit challenge trophy to AB Broad whose […]

  • EPE Christmas Party 2015, Restaurant Two, Brisbane


      EPE Celebrated its Christmas party on November the 11th . It has been an amazing year full of success and opportunities, thank you team for your hard work and dedication. Our best wishes for a great Christmas and New Year full of happiness and satisfactions, hoping you have a great catch up with family and […]

  • EPE showcase, Army Innovation Day 2015 in Canberra


      On October 20th, EPE participated to Army Innovation Day hosted by RPDE in Canberra. Over the day, RPDE aimed to showcase leading-edge capabilities from industry to key Army stakeholders in order to inform Army’s modernization and capability development. We have been selected to present two of our following products, Zephir BioHarness, an advanced Physiological Monitoring […]

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EPE provides a range of solutions that deliver comprehensive and sustainable capabilities against evolving threats such as Improvised Explosive Devices, Radio Controlled IEDs, CBRN and other hazardous threats.