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  • Talon EOD Robot in the Middle East.


      Talon Explosive Ordnance Disposal Robot at Australia’s main operating base in the Middle East region. Story and photos courtesy of Commonwealth of Australia, Department of Defence. After 20 years of service in the Royal Australian Air Force, Warrant Officer (WOFF) Rodney Amos couldn’t help but stay on. Now in his 37th year of service, […]

  • Drones flying into prisons to be examined by police


    The Prison Service and police are to pool intelligence to stop drones flying drugs and mobile phones to prison inmates in England and Wales. They will forensically examine captured drones to try to find out who was flying them. The invention of easy-to-fly, remote-controlled aircraft has caused a huge security headache for prisons. But critics have called […]

  • Islamic State using hobby drones with deadly effect

    IS, Islamic State, UAS, UAV, Drones, Threat Drones, Emerging Threat, UAVs,improvised explosive devices, IEDs, IED

    Much has been written about the threat of Islamic State militants’ use of unmanned aerial vehicles, UAVs, commonly known as drones, over the embattled city of Mosul. IS were quick to weaponise UAVs with small improvised explosive devices (IEDs). On 24 January they released a video showing up to 19 different aerial attacks by commercially […]

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